Production of Doctorates in Selected Asian Countries

S. Arunachalam and S. Gunasekaran


Production doctorates selected Asian countries can hardly disputed that science and technology have made the advanced countries the West what they are today Many developing countries recognized the importance science and technology soon they became independent and formulated science science and technology policies One important element nation scientific enterprise the production qualified manpower this brief note look the production doctorates five Asian countries viz India China Japan South Korea and Taiwan since The raw data were obtained from Science and Engineering Indicators ref Gangan Prathap has drawn attention the decline the production engineering doctorates India This note shows that India has produced much larger number doctorates science degrees awarded including mathematics computer science and agricultural sciences than any the other four countries This raises the question India producing more science than the other Asian countries why has India scientific output declined relative the other countries Are producing far more science than need However consider doctorates both science and engineering both Japan degrees awarded and China degrees are doing better than India degrees Figures and give data the numbers doctorates produced science and engineering and science alone including mathematics computer science and agricultural sciences respectively


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