India moving ahead with open access

S. Arunachalam

ACCESS September 2005 No.54

In his 1982 Annual Magnus Pyke Science Policy Foundation Lecture, Dr. Eugene Garfield said, “Clearly, India is the research ‘superpower’ of the Third World.” Indian researchers alone authored half the 16,000 articles from the Third World indexed in Science Citation Index (SCI) 1973. India had maintained a steady ranking of eighth place in research papers published since the beginning of the 1970s, produced five times more mainstream scientific publications than the People’s Republic of China in the early 1980s, and remained the uncontested leader among developing countries until the early 1990s. Since then, the People’s Republic of China, which has shown far more determination, has raced ahead leaving India way behind. India now occupies the 15th rank in the number of papers published and is in danger of sliding into the periphery. Indeed research output is growing very much faster in China and Brazil, the other two large developing countries, and South Korea, which used to be a minnow.


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