Quality of Science and Science Journals in India


Quality science and science journals India Vohora and Vohora are concerned about the poor quality Indian journals They ask why should not country more than billion people and with large infrastructure for science produce quality journals Mere numbers cannot ensure quality any field especially science How many Indian athletes have won gold silver medal the Olympics None Countries with less than tenth India population regularly take home many Olympic medals Vohora and Vohora have made enquiries the Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre and the National Institute Science Technology and Development Studies about improving the quality Indian science journals and possibly Indian science Unfortunately these are not the right agencies best their role can peripheral Only publishing scientists physicists chemists life scientists mathematicians earth scientists clinical and medical researchers etc can improve the quality science Vohora and Vohora suggest that scientists journal editors and learned societies should take the initiative fact both the Indian National Science Academy and the Indian Academy Sciences and NGOs such the Chennai based Peopleoriented Patriotic movement for Science and Technology PPST have held several meetings and discussions improving the quality both Indian science and Indian science journals Many letters and commentaries have appeared Current Science well the pages popular magazines such Science Today and Science Age



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