The Second MSSRF South – South Exchange Travelling Workshop: 30 October – 6 November 2003, Pondicherry & Tamil Nadu, India

The Second MSSRF  South – South Exchange Travelling Workshop 30 October – 6 November 2003
Pondicherry & Tamil Nadu, India
Workshop Report

The basic objectives of the workshop include knowledge sharing and interactive learning among the workshop participants, the villagers, and the staff and volunteers of MSSRF. It was designed as a travelling workshop so that the participants have an opportunity to visit various project sites in Pondicherry and Dindugul district to gain a first hand understanding of the impacts of ICT led endeavors and interact with the villagers through focus group discussions and multi-media presentations from various volunteers managing the knowledge centres. For the most part the discussions were held in an informal setting. Formal presentations by the volunteers and staff focused on processes, lessons and impediments involved with various ICT projects. The participants, in turn, shared with the village communities, volunteers and MSSRF staff the conditions in their parts of the world and the kind of ICT-related development work they were involved with. On the whole, the workshop provided ample opportunities for a free and friendly cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and experience at the grassroots level.


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